Dancing with the Earth through Times of Change Part3

Ron LaPlace Interviews Adam Yellowbird DeArmon (Part3)
15-01-08 Transcript

Ron: Let’s take an issue such as global warming. How do you see us coming through any fear around such an issue, and walking together through this as a community?

Adam: I believe that first we need to be clear in our message… about not responding to fear with more fear. We are living in a time that is part of a natural cycle that we are destined to go through. So care and attention needs to be given to how the message is sent out. If we can stay out of fear in how we handle whatever situations present them selves it can be much simpler than we might imagine. The universe is giving us answers and those answers cannot be heard when we live in fear.

Ron: So part of our responsibility as co-creators through this shift is to remain in our heart and to consciously let go of the fear?

Adam: Yes. There is actually a grid of fear around the earth and a lot of the work that is being done at this time, such as the recent journey to Guatemala and the trip to Easter Island that is happening very soon (as this issue of Spirit of Ma’at comes out) is helping to clean and clear the fear from what Drunvalo would call the Christ Consciousness grid. The Lakota’s will call it the Spider Web of Light. The work that is being done is offering new opportunities for all of us to let go of our own fears… the baggage we have carried can be lightened or we can even let go of what is no longer serving us.

Ron: Adam, would you like to talk about any future events that you will be involved with in upcoming times?

Adam: In 2008 we have a trip planned to Japan to bring the Mayan Message to that part of the world and to work with the grid through the sacred temples and shrines in that area, and to work with the main fault lines of the ‘Ring of Fire’ to help stabilize and transmute/transform any energies as much as we can in the highest good. The tentative scheduling for that trip is March 8 through the 22nd. If people feel drawn to participate in this they can contact us through our website.

We have also started a Global Gatherings website, where we will be listing whatever gatherings and events that might be taking place all over the world. People can then participate in whatever they might feel drawn to by connecting energetically, lighting a candle or holding ceremony, etc.

By using the communication networks we can help and assist in the healing of the earth’s grid by synchronizing our efforts whether we are in our homes or we are gathering at sacred sites all over the world.

We are also working on something in 2009 called ‘The Return of the Ancestors and the Council of Future Wisdom Keepers’ to be held in northern Arizona. We will be bringing the elders, wisdom keepers and youth from the 5 continents together to share their wisdom and knowledge in the continuance of the work we are speaking about in this interview, and to specifically transfer that information directly from the elders to the youth so that the future generations will have a direct lineage to this wisdom and knowledge. This is scheduled for April 18 through 28 of 2009. The Hopis will be involved, the Havasupai, the Denai, the Yavapai Apache and many others. We have to go through the appropriate channels and protocols and it is a large undertaking.

Ron: So, is there anything you would like to add as we close this interview Adam?

Adam: I would just like to give inspiration, courage and strength to everyone for them to begin taking responsibility for their lives and their actions, and go with their own instincts… with what they find within themselves, and know that they are fully supported at this time. Everything that we ever could dream or imagine is accessible to us right now. We just have to get out of our own way and let the Divine work with us and through us at this time. We can stop stumbling over our own feet and take steps forward… and we have a real ‘knowing’ of what those steps are. It’s already there within us. That is the message I would like to share.