Dancing with the Earth through Times of Change Part2

Ron LaPlace Interviews Adam Yellowbird DeArmon (Part2)
15-01-08 Transcript

Ron: So you have worked for some time with the Consciousness Grid System that is connected to the earth? (Note — for a deeper understanding and discussion of what this Grid system represents, see Drunvalo’s new book — Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012.)

Adam: Yes, since I was 12 years old I was aware of the grid. In the first stage there was certain preliminary work that had to be done to help clear energy of a lower vibration from the earth that had been set in place for thousands of years, and I became involved in this in an international way. You know, each sacred site has its own resonance to re-awaken a memory… what I call a cellular memory. This re-awakening is part of the Grand Plan that has been set for thousands of years and there are those who have returned at this time to help with the restructuring of the grid.

One of the most important messages that we are receiving from the Elders at this time is about our SELF… that it is time to reprogram, restructure, refocus the reflection back to our SELF. It is about healing the memory. When we do it for our self, we can them move forward and also do it in our family and our community and beyond.

The Elders are also speaking about the connection between the body, heart and spirit… how they are all essential in healing this memory. You know, for some time in my life I may have had this backwards… by being ‘spiritual’, and working on that plane so much. But by focusing on the body and getting it into divine alignment with the heart, that connection to spirit is instantly brought through. It’s not that we have to go anywhere to find spirit, it is already here… we are already it.

I was given a symbol for that connection over 10 years ago. It is a 6 pointed star connected to a 5 pointed star, each with circles around them that forms 2 circles joined in the sign for infinity. The stars are gold and the circles are white with gold edging. The whole of this is then encapsulated in another white circle also with a gold edge. The gold symbolizes transformation and healing… what we are going through right now.

Ron: That is a similarity between yourself and Drunvalo then… you are both connected to and are using sacred geometry as a tool in affecting consciousness?

Adam: Yes. This is all encoded and locked inside of us. The geometry of the 6 and 5 are the most prominent in our cellular structure (the DNA), and when we start to resonate with that it opens up our own connection to the wisdom and knowledge that we have access to.

Ron: Now I’d like to move the discussion into the current times we are living in, leading up to the time of December 2012. I would like to hear your personal vision of this and also what you are hearing as you visit and speak to the Elders of the many communities you are involved with. First, is there anything that stands out as a common vision amongst the various sources?

Adam: Yes, I believe that everyone knows that this is the end of a cycle. We all know that something is changing, not only on a small scale but on a big scale and that this change is inevitable.
Ron: So are you saying that things like natural disasters are really a language that is being spoken to us? It’s like when our dreams speak to us at a subconscious level… these events are speaking to us and we need to learn their language?

Adam: Right. What they are is a great reflection of what is going on inside of us. If we are not properly connected or ‘rooted’ to Mother Earth then we are open to being shaken up. Just as a few general examples; if our emotions are out of balance then we may see something happening on the earth with Water overflowing, so that our emotions are affected; and the Air, the things we are saying to one another start spinning off into high winds or tornadoes if they are out of balance; the Fire, the chi or essence of where energy stems from… we see the results of anger or rage in fires affecting the earth. These things are a reflection of what is happening within us, the inhabitants of the earth, and are a communication to us to help us come back into balance. As we do that, these things we call natural disasters will harmonize and lessen.

Everything we see around us; the stars, the sun, the planets and moon… and everything we see within us; our body, our chakra and energy systems, etc… are all being reflected in a language that is speaking directly to us, whether we understand or not.
Ron: We know that in the traditions of some native tribes, like the Hopi nation, they are speaking about this time as a movement from the 4th to the 5th world. The Mayans say this is the end of the 5th cycle… each cycle being 5200 years long, and that it is the end of a Grand cycle of time. What is your feeling about the cycle of time we are in presently and what are you hearing from the Elders?

Adam: For many years I have been told that this will be a time of parallel paths — two coexisting paths… a negative and a positive polarization. They have told me that this is a pivotal point… one of the most creative of all times — a time when we can co-create and dream a new dream. We have the ability to create something new and different. We are in the driver’s seat so to speak… so which direction will we go?

Ron: So collectively we are choosing the destination?

Adam: Yes, whether we are conscious of it or not… but those who are conscious and awake are really the ones doing the driving these days, and that is happening on both sides of the path. That’s why it is important to be strong and awake, and to participate.

That’s why it is important now to recognize the importance of our memory. We tend to remember and hold on to the negative path and it keeps us stuck in old ways. We are right at a time now where I think we have the tools to co-create in more positive ways and to keep this in our memory as we move into the shift and into the next phase. Finding a way to hold space within the heart is the key.

Ron: How then do you see that our thoughts and feelings affect this movement into the next phase? More specifically, how do you see that our fears affect us in this movement?

Adam: We know that fear holds a lower density. I think the greatest fear that people have is the fear of change. So, by recognizing our fear and by handing it over to that part of us that we recognize as a higher power, we can let it go. We all tend to find a sense of comfort with where we are at. If you let that go (and that means handing it over not to other humans, but to a higher power) we can find the strength in surrender. It’s not about who is in control, it’s about working with togetherness… as One. There can even be fear created in wondering how we can do this together.