Dancing with the Earth through Times of Change Part1

Ron LaPlace Interviews Adam Yellowbird DeArmon (Part1)
15-01-08 Transcript

Ron: I would like to begin by getting a little background on you and your unique position. As I have learned about you… you represent a bridge between diverse cultures and races and I would like to hear a little about how you got to be in that position.

Adam: I’ve had an opportunity growing up… ever since I was a little child in a multicultural background with my parents, living in nature camps — also learning Transcendental Meditation as a young child. By the age of 12 I had already acquired my ‘sit-down’ technique, where you sit and meditate for 20 minutes at a time and more, to enhance the awakening of spiritual consciousness. Also in my background, was being raised with the sweat-lodge and ceremonies from the indigenous and other cultures.

I grew up in a community, a commune, on the east coast near Baltimore, Maryland. It was called Heathcote. It was a thriving commune in the 1960’s. It was a totally alternative lifestyle for the times… working with massage and other things. Actually, a lot of our teachers at the time were working with color and sounds therapies. This information was being brought in at that time and we were some of the early developers and designers… for instance, Jeff and Linda Riach who founded Oakworks massage tables — I was one of the first testers of their materials and products as a child and worked ‘hands-on’ with them.

Ron: So Adam, you are literally a child of the 60’s?

Adam: Yeah, I would say so… protected and preserved (laughs). Born from the Flower of Life, in essence.

Ron: And how did your experience with the indigenous ways of life begin for you?

Adam: It was through different teachers who came through the Heathcote community. The community theme was ‘returning to the natural world’. So many teachers came to teach us the indigenous ways — getting us out into nature; getting us attuned to the elementals and things like that; sharing the songs, theatre, dance — all actually in the natural world. So those were my first initiations into the indigenous world. ‘Indigenous’ has the meaning of living in harmony with our environment and our world. I was very privileged to be in a group of young ones who would have summer camps where various teachers came in to teach us these things.

Ron: So, did that interest in indigenous and native ways… did that stay with you throughout your youth, or did you move away from that for a time?

Adam: I always had that close to my heart. It was always there. As I got into my early teens I tried to get involved in sports and I found that for a time, my peers were going in other directions. But I always held strong in my routines — my meditation and my conscious awareness of being connected.

Ron: So how has this movement and awareness brought you to where you are now? How does this time of your youth connect to what you are doing now?

Adam: Hmmm… well, even back in my youth some of my teachers had looked into my future and they told me that I had certain responsibilities, and for some years I fought taking on what they were telling me about. They told me that in some way I would be a pioneer… on the front lines of the children that are coming in now… the Indigo and Crystal children. My teachers recognized me back then, and they shared a lot of information and knowledge about what was coming — for the days and the times that we are in now. It was very hard for me to take that responsibility at that time. They were telling me that I had to prepare my mind, body and spirit — my energetic body, the chakras, etc. I knew all about that wisdom and knowledge and so I followed their guidance. So even as a teenager I was working with healing Mother Earth, I just didn’t put it into the full perspective that I carry now.

The techniques that I was raised with — the mantras, the visualizations — I was in practice and training, I was practicing what I now call “EarthWorks”, a way of just being with the natural world.

Ron: So let’s talk about some of the recent projects you have been working on.

Adam: Last November (2007) we were in Guatemala, which in some ways was a follow up for work we have also done just previously in Japan. We travelled to sacred shrines, mountain tops, and acupuncture points in Japan. What we were doing was setting the structure for what I call the Web of Life, connecting to the old programming and opening for a resetting and restructuring. The wise ones, the ancient ones who built those temples, our ancestors, had utilized a grid for anchoring energy on the planet. So the work we then did in Guatemala and Tikal was connected to that.