Earth Works for Humanity Presents



“The White Road” – February 4, 2006

Earth Works for Humanity presents the premiere of the film “The White Road” by Elke von Linde and Michael Springer. This film is about freedom and crossing borders. It is a memory of the “5th Elder Reunion of America” that was held in Merida Yucatan, in Mexico, at Spring Equinox 2002. This was the first time that other cultures were invited to the traditional reunion of elders and had the opportunity to participate in the ceremonies with priests and shamans of the Americas. “The White Road” was created for eyes and ears open for the messages of respect and awareness. “This is the time to share sacred Indigenous wisdom, prophecies and old traditional knowledge to help mankind survive,” our elders are saying.

Join us for an extraordinary evening at the Sedona Library on February 4, 2006 from 7:30pm- 9:30pm. Social gathering beginning at 7:00pm in preparation of opening ceremonies. Representatives from South America and North America will be present to speak more in depth of the Indigenous prophesies.

Cost for admission is $5 per person. Proceeds go to the Institute for Cultural Awareness non-profit organization providing a safe and healthy environment for cultural exchange and healing. For more information contact ICA at 928-646-3000

Explore the Andean Textile Art – February 5, 2006

The Indigenous community of Salasaca, Ecuador is the most vibrant Indigenous culture known for their extraordinary craftsmanship and exquisite Andean textile art. Experience the ancient Inkan tradition through weaving, symbology, storytelling, music and dance. Meet Inkan wisdom teachers Victoria and Marcelino Chango as they demonstrate the weaving process from start to finish with 100% natural wool and dyes derived from plants and vegetation. Rich with knowledge, color and tradition Victoria and Marcelino will link you to their sacred ancestral lineage through hands on experience. Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring home your experience with tapestries, handbags, hats, and/or musical CD’s available for purchase.